During the conference the following awards will be given on wednesday, Jul 12:

  • the EATCS award

    • Amos Fiat
  • the Alonzo Church award

    • Ralf Jung, David Swasey, Filip Sieczkowski, Kasper Svendsen, Aaron Turon, Lars Birkedal, Derek Dreyer: "Iris: Monoids and Invariants as an Orthogonal Basis for Concurrent Reasoning". POPL 2015.
    • Ralf Jung, Robbert Krebbers, Lars Birkedal, Derek Dreyer: "Higher-order ghost state". ICFP 2016.
    • Robbert Krebbers, Ralf Jung, Aleš Bizjak, Jacques-Henri Jourdan, Derek Dreyer, Lars Birkedal: "The Essence of Higher-Order Concurrent Separation Logic". ESOP 2017.
    • Ralf Jung, Robbert Krebbers, Jacques-Henri Jourdan, Aleš Bizjak, Lars Birkedal, Derek Dreyer: "Iris from the ground up: A modular foundation for higher-order concurrent separation logic". J. Funct. Program. 28 (2018)
  • the Presburger award

    • Aaron Bernstein
    • Thatchaphol Saranurak
  • the EATCS distinguished dissertation award

    • Kuikui Liu: "Spectral Independence: A New Tool to Analyze Markov Chains" (University of Washington; supervisor: Shayan Oveis Gharan).
    • Alex Lombardi: "Provable Instantiations of Correlation Intractability and the Fiat-Shamir Heuristic" (Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (EECS) at MIT; supervisor: Vinod Vaikuntanathan)
    • Lijie Chen: "Better Hardness via Algorithms, and New Forms of Hardness versus Randomness" (MIT Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science; supervisor: Ryan Williams)Aaron Bernstein
  • the best papers for Track A and track B

    • Track A: Online Learning and Disambiguations of Partial Concept Classes (Tsun-Ming Cheung, Hamed Hatami, Pooya Hatami and Kaave Hosseini)
    • Track A: A 4/3 Approximation for 2-Vertex-Connectivity (Miguel Bosch Calvo, Fabrizio Grandoni and Afrouz Jabal Ameli)
    • Track B: Coverability in VASS Revisited: Improving Rackoff's Bound to Obtain Conditional Optimality (Marvin Künnemann, Filip Mazowiecki, Lia Schütze, Henry Sinclair-Banks and Karol Węgrzycki)
  • the best student papers for Track A and track B

    • Track A: Minimum Chain Cover in Almost Linear Time (Manuel Caceres)
    • Track B: The Identity Problem in   is decidable (Ruiwen Dong)

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